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Neodymium is an element (Atomic number 60, Nd) found primarily in Europe. This rare element is used in space and laser technology. The glass of these bulbs contains a mixture of rare neodymium oxide, which provides a beautiful light that appears whiter and brighter than ordinary bulbs. This neodymium absorbs the excessive yellow portion of the visible spectrum common to ordinary light bulbs. The result is a purified light, which allows the other components of the visible spectrum to be strengthened in a more natural balance of color. These incredible glare-free light bulbs allow you to see colors more accurately, while reducing eyestrain and fatigue.

Man-made spring light is found in the Quartz Tungsten Halogen lamps, which have a CRI of 99 and a Kelvin 2,800 K to 3,000 K. This lamp is found in standard bulb shapes for screw-in incandescent lamps, par flood lamps, and special shapes for different applications. Jade plants, cacti, and lizards enjoy this light best. The light is a hard, bright white, incandescent color. Perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, and those who prefer a high-energy light, much like springtime light. 

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