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The Light Bulb Lady

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Newell believes passionately in the emotional healing and practical effect of the right lighting. Scientists join her in recognition of the winter depression that has forever haunted sun-starved Scandinavians. So it was Finland, no surprise, that came up with the neodymium light bulb in which this rare earth element is embedded in the glass, giving 90 percent of the light and warmth you’d get on a typical fall day.

Neodymium’s rival for creating natural light is the quartz halogen, and Newell, a natural teacher, switches on side-by-side lamps to show their differences. The quartz bulb makes a the room sharper and gives the feel of springtime sun, which is great for factories as it gives workers high energy.

Kay is the only woman who has started a business like hers in the Northwest.

She’d already been a dental hygienist, restaurant manager, private detective, and advertising writer and worked in nursing homes. She started her lighting business in 1989 after working six weeks for a local lighting firm and becoming disgusted at the overcharging she observed. Self-taught, she devoured technical manuals and catalogs. Her selection of lighting products is tremendous, and she will special-order anything you want.

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